Once upon a time everything was not better, it was different.

Seren is a modern label with a nostalgia for simpler times. A quiet homage to the laid back glamour and disco decadence of the 1970’s. 

Unconcerned by passing trends but meticulous about timeless, effortless style, Seren pairs classic silhouettes with luxe fabrics and bold, hand painted prints; fusing functionality and individuality to create unique, high quality pieces that make a statement.

Also ingrained within Seren’s DNA is the use of print. Designed and hand painted in house, each print bears its own story, taking reference from the cultural world around us, from traditional textile designs to architecture, art and travel. The magic happens however, when the designs are combined with the natural qualities of the brand’s 100% silk fabrics, bringing them to life with rich saturated colour, texture and a gentle shine.

Seren debuted in 2016 with a capsule collection of six signature jumpsuit styles, each decorated in one of three original hand painted prints that took inspiration from varied corners of the globe.

A product of founder Lucia Dailey’s appreciation for the ‘one piece’, she believes ‘the jumpsuit is one of the easiest wardrobe items to wear, yet can look the most polished when both dressed up or down. For me, it defines the idea of ‘understated elegance’; the aesthetic upon which Seren was formed’.

Each season represents a new chapter for Seren; as collections evolve, different cultures and designs align to create garments of authenticity and beauty. Or perhaps more aptly, works of ’Seren’- dipity.